UNIQUE Parents Albums

Here you can order Parent albums to complement your Unique main album! These are scaled down replicas of your main album that use the existing design.Choose from the Unique Exclusive that has the same cover as the main album and digitally printed 200gsm paper OR the Unique Photoflat printed on satin Photo paper and with the same open-flat binding as your main album. See images below...

  • Click on image to right to see additional images of this album
  • Choose Exclusive or Photoflat
  • Exclusive albums come in packs of 2, Photoflat comes as individuals.
  • Check out the volume discounts below for multiple copies of these albums

Product Details

Unit Measure PK2, EACH
Embossable Yes
Stock Item
UNIQUE Exclusive Parent Albums (Pk of 2) UNIQUE Exclusive Parent Albums (Pk of 2)UNIQUE-MDB-EXCL-X2 No

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UNIQUE Photoflat Parent Albums (each) UNIQUE Photoflat Parent Albums (each)UNIQUE-MDB-PFLAT No

This is a trade only product

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